Water Tanks

Aquarista is a preferred installer and supplier for both Jojo tanks and Nel Tanks; the leading tank manufactures in the Western Cape. Popular uses of water tanks include the following:

Rainwater harvesting:

Water tanks can be used to store and supply captured rainwater to your home and garden. Rainwater is safe to use in showers, baths, flushing of toilets, laundry, topping up of pools and irrigation. In many instances the use of rainwater can replace your need for municipal water completely. Tanks are sized to according to the available roof area, number of people living in the home and expected draw on the supply.

Municipal backup supply:

In the event of erratic or intermittent municipal water supply, a water tank can be used to store potable municipal water for use during water outages. The size of the water tank can be calculated to meet the water demand for the expected water outage. Tank sizes vary from 500 litres to 20000 litres. An adequately sized pump will ensure water delivery to the building (flow-rate and pressure) is sufficient to meet demand.

Ground water storage:

As our supply of fresh, drinkable water is reaching scarce levels and water restrictions are imposed, extracting ground water for irrigation is becoming more popular. This water is found deep beneath the surface and often even strong pumps can only deliver a trickle of water to the surface. This trickle is typically insufficient to be sent directly to an irrigation system. In this case the trickle of water is first sent to a water storage tank to collect the required volume of groundwater before it is sent to an irrigation system. Aquarista is able to supply and install the water tank and provide a suitable pump, to deliver sufficient flow-rate and pressure to an irrigation system.

Water tank sizes:

Round vertical water tanks
Size (litres) Profile Diameter Height
500 Standard (N) 830mm 1180mm
500 Standard (J) 820mm 1075mm
500 Slimline (N) 570mm 2150mm
750 Slimline (J) 760mm 1850mm
1000 Standard (N) 1100mm 1400mm
1000 Standard (J) 1110mm 1300mm
1000 Slimline (N) 750mm 2230mm
1500 Standard (N) 1150mm 1670mm
1500 Standard (J) 1410mm 1200mm
2000 Standard (N) 1200mm 1900mm
2200 Low profile (J) 1420mm 1700mm
2500 Standard (N) 1450mm 1900mm
2500 Standard (J) 1420mm 1860mm
3500 Standard (N) 1480mm 2210mm
4500 Standard (J) 1820mm 2060mm
5000 Standard (N) 1840mm 2140mm
5000 Standard (J) 1820mm 2250mm
5000 Low profile (J) 2200mm 1720mm
5500 Standard (J) 1900mm 2240mm
5500 Low profile (N) 2184mm 1815mm
10000 Standard (N) 2230mm 3130mm
10000 Standard (J) 2200mm 3150mm
10000 Low profile (J) 2420mm 2550mm
14000 Standard (N) 2525mm 3180mm
15000 Standard (J) 2600mm 3260mm
20000 Standard (J) 2600mm 4270mm
Rectangular/Wall tanks
Size (litres) Profile Breadth Width Height
500 Rectangular 450mm 1250mm 1150mm
1000 Rectangular 520mm 1260mm 1770mm