• Hydraloop


    Save water by recycling 85% of in-house domestic water to flush, wash, irrigate and top up pool Hydraloop is an innovative in-house water recycling system which collects shower, bath and washing machine water, cleans and disinfects it, herewith recycling 85%READ MORE
  • 2018 Cape Town municipal water tariff

    2018 Cape Town municipal water tariff

    Cape Town water tariff and sanitation tariff effective from July 2018. Even as Cape Town received significant rain over the past few weeks the city is still maintaining water restrictions at level 6b. Residents will have to maintain their loweredREAD MORE
  • Convert your old pool into an underground water tank

    Convert your old pool into an underground water tank

    Once the children no longer spend hours a day splashing around in the family swimming pool, one often starts wondering if it is still worthwhile to keep it. The idea of filling it up with dirt and returning it asREAD MORE

Against a global rainfall average of 870mm per year, South Africa receives a pitiful 450mm, making it the world’s 30th driest country. Rainwater harvesting , groundwater treatment, or municipal back-up system  in combination with proper use of your grey water, pool backwash water and water filtration can secure your water needs.