Pool backwash reuse

Pool backwash water can be treated and then returned to your pool.

Swimming pool backwash water may be heavily contaminated with toxic chemicals and these impurities become concentrated during the normal operation of the pool filter cycle. This water is toxic to plants, especially from salt water pools, and unwanted in storm water drains and sewerage systems. Regular backwash of filters, in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification, is essential for proper cleaning, maintenance and operation of a healthy pool.

Current legislation for the City of Cape Town allows for pool backwash water to be sent to waste water treatment works (sewage) but the majority of waste water treatment works are unable to deal with the volume of sewage effluent they currently receive, let alone swimming pool backwash water.

Pool overflow water may be sent to storm water.

To curb any overload on our ageing waste water treatment works and to save water, pool backwash water should be treated and then reused to fill your pool.

By returning your treated backwash water to your pool the loss of salt, acid and stabiliser is reduced dramatically, thereby enhancing the stability of the pool water, and saves money.



All pools, unless they are fitted with water recycling systems should have a facility to send water to both stormwater and sewer. Should the swimming pool overflow, this water should only be sent to stormwater. Should the pool pump be set to backwash, this water should only be sent to the sewer. The use of a pool backwash re-use system will negate the need to have a pipe leading to sewer as all backwash water can safely be reused.