Pumped Irrigation

With the increasing strain on our water supply and the cost of water it has become essential to optimise water use, particularly for irrigation. It is no longer feasible to solely rely on municipal water as a source of irrigation; a mixture of groundwater, grey water and rainwater is the best option.

Smart System Design:

A smart system is designed to make the most of your water resources and provide the landscape with sufficient moisture. Integrating various water sources allows you to minimise municipal water reliance. Selection of the most appropriate combination of sprayers and drippers will lead to further water saving.

Intelligent System Controller


Our intelligent system designs allow for efficient water use and water saving. Systems can be smart irrigation controller programmed to automatically adjust to current weather conditions and weather forecasts. The in-built intelligence combines wind speed, rainfall, temperature and predicted weather forecast to allow for optimal irrigation times.

The irrigation controller is programmed online where it can talk to weather stations in the area and adjusts irrigation requirements accordingly. (Cellphone apps are available)


To ensure minimum maintenance and hassles, any quality system starts with a smart design irrigation quality control using the right equipment. A smart design translates to superior functioning.

Repair and Maintenance:

We offer an extensive repair and maintenance service to new and existing customers. We offer a one year warranty.

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