Greywater Re-use

What is grey water?

Grey water is a term used to describe the waste water from baths, showers, and washing machines. Water from kitchen sinks, dishwashers, bidets and toilets are classified as black water and should never be used in a grey water recycling system as these contain high concentrations of toxic chemicals or significant food residues.

Grey water is not drinkable as it contains soaps and dirt that have washed off our skin and clothes. Special care should be taken when using grey water.

What to bear in mind when considering installing a grey water system?
  • Grey water should never be stored.
  • Grey water should never be used in a conventional high pressure sprinkler system.
  • Avoid the use of fabric softeners or Sodium hypochlorite (Jik, Bleach).
  • It is best to use washing powders containing no or low levels of phosphate


Grey water irrigation

GR2Grey water is an excellent source of water for gardens and typically contains low amounts of common nutrients found in fertilisers.

A basic grey water irrigation system will filter the water it receives before it is pumped out to irrigate lawns and gardens. The average household in South Africa could expect their water bill to be reduced by up to 35% with the use of a grey water irrigation system.

Grey water does produce a faint odour while irrigating, but the odour disappears within seconds after irrigating. Our maintenance instructions which take a few minutes a week will ensure that your grey water system will be odourless.

The cost of a fully installed system typically varies between R15,000 and R24,000 depending on the characteristics of the building. Materials and traveling are all included in the cost. Prices are subject to a quote.



Save water by recycling 85% of in-house domestic water to flush, wash, irrigate and top up pool


Hydraloop is an innovative in-house water recycling system which collects shower, bath and washing machine water, cleans and disinfects it, herewith recycling 85% of total in-house domestic water used. The water can be reused for lavatory flushing, washing machine, garden irrigation or to top up your swimming pool. Hydraloop looks completely different than any other existing water recycling system. Because of its stylish design you can show off your Hydraloop anywhere in your house.


Hydraloop's treated water is clean,
clear and safe to use again

  • Saves water & energy
  • Recycled water is clean, clear & safe
  • Hydraloop water quality is certified
  • No compromise on personal hygiene & living comfort
  • Stylish design & innovative technology
  • Easy installation, small foot print
  • No filters, no chemicals
  • Completely automatic
  • Self cleaning, low maintenance
  • Smartphone App
  • Affordable